A Celebrity Reveals: That’s How I Got Rich Overnight!

Anyone can do this in 5 minutes or less

Reporter Gregory Turner investigated the income-generating System, which gained popularity in the US and worldwide.

Capetown, ZA – Social Media is recently full of Headlines about an American celebrity, who made millions with a “Secret System” from the United States. A source from the celebrities social circle accidentally revealed that information and since then it has been shared via Facebook and on national television. Here at Star News5 we want to find out the truth about this “secret system” and whether it really works and we want to find out which celebrity has made a fortune with it.
Someone found out that a celebrity was making millions with a system called “Lottery Heroes”. At first this system got popular in the United States where many people earned thousands and even millions of Rands with little effort, just by using a simple trick. At the beginning of the year, the US documentary show “60 Minutes” published a report, that surveyed people who had used the system. They explained, that the reason, why the system has been kept secret, was, that everybody could use it.
An insider who doesn’t want to be named in this documentary said that this system could make the American working class rich overnight. This is making the political elite nervous, because they want to stay in control.
The good news for all people in South Africa: There are no restrictions in South Africa that prohibit this technique! Since February 2020 hundreds of new millionaires have been created in Capetown alone using this system.
A source from a leading consulting company found out: Lottery Heroes creates more millionaires per week than normal lotteries. It is a fact that 90% of our new clients, that get financial advice, make most of their money with Lottery Heroes. It is interesting that those people had a normal job before. They were working in construction, were sitting in offices or some were even unemployed. And now they are making more money than the top brokers of the country.
While doing our research, Star News5 found out about an American with the name of Sam Jarvis, who published a diary about his earnings in the first week. Before earning his money with Lottery Heroes he had a poorly paid job at a used car dealership. This story got famous across the internet. We published an excerpt from his diary with an exclusive article by Mr. Sam Jarvis himself. Star News5 has checked whether the text is credible and it is. This is just an example of hundreds of American’s who started with Lottery Heroes this year. The following excerpt from a diary is an amazing report of the first week of Sam Jarvis.
Photo: InstagramSam Jarvis – The self made millionaire
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