Anti-Money Laundering and Control Officer

A permanent position exists within the Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Department for a Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer (AMLCO) at our Head Office in Sandton, reporting to the Head: Compliance & Regulatory Affairs


The The Anti-Money Laundering Control Officer is responsible for assisting and supporting STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITSs/Departments in complying with all the anti-money laundering control legislation (e.g. FATF recommendations 40+9, POCA, PRECCA, FICA, POCDATARA) applicable to the IDC by developing the AMLC/PIP-PEP/Sanctions framework and procedures, facilitating the implementation, creating the required awareness, performing compliance reviews and reporting on level of compliance


To assist the business to comply with all applicable anti-money laundering control legislative requirements (e.g. FATF recommendations 40+9, POCA, PRECCA, FICA, POCDATARA).
To identify relevant provisions and pieces of AMLC legislation impacting the Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To provide AMLC compliance advice to the Strategic Business Units/Departments on the requirements stipulated within the AMLC/PIP-PEP/Sanctions framework.
To proactively identify potential breaches/ risks on anti-money laundering/ Sanctions including conducting enhanced customer due diligence and resolution of issues of non-compliance and irregularities.
To conduct AMLC Compliance Risk Profile reviews to identify amended and/or new AMLC regulatory requirements and update the Compliance Risk Profile/s accordingly in support of the overall IDC Compliance Risk Profile.
To conduct formal AMLC Compliance Risk Profile workshops to identify and assess AMLC regulatory impact and applicability to the Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To compile and continuously update, manage and execute customised Strategic Business Units/Departments AMLC Compliance Coverage Plan, detailing the compliance risk identification, assessment, management, monitoring and reporting activities to be undertaken for a financial year including conducting regular/ annual client audits (i.e. desk-top/ physical audits/ inspections.
To assist the Strategic Business Units/Departments by performing AMLC (KYC/VYC) background screening including Sanctions listing searches, adverse media searches, google searches, identification of PIPs/PEPs on FICA files of potential/new and existing clients.
To compile and regularly review Compliance Risk Management Plans (CRMP) for the applicable AMLC regulatory requirements per Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To plan, manage and conduct AMLC compliance monitoring (i.e. control adequacy reviews, control effectiveness reviews, control self-assessment questionnaires/sign-offs and/or control spot check reviews) on the applicable AMLC regulatory requirements.
To compile and discuss the AMLC Compliance Review Report with the Strategic Business Units/Departments and agree the corrective actions to be taken, the person responsible for implementing the corrective actions and the due date for implementation.
To compile and submit a AMLC Compliance Risk Profile Report to the Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To compile, agree and submit a Strategic Business Units/Departments AMLC Compliance Coverage Plan to the Strategic Business Units/Departments Management for sign off.
To compile and submit a quarterly Strategic Business Units/Departments AMLC Compliance Report, detailing the status of the Management of the compliance risks within the Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To report to management on the status of compliance in the business, record non-compliance issues, generate business unit compliance reports, follow up on outstanding actions.
To log all AMLC compliance findings on the Compliance Issues Log, manage and track the progress made by the Strategic Business Units/Departments in closing the finding/s and ensure that the Compliance Issues Log accurately reflects all amendments, supporting the integrity of the data reported on to the relevant governance committees.
To communicate effectively, provide support and create awareness on AMLC legislation with Managers and recommend improvements to minimise risk and recommend best practices.
To train staff on AMLC legislation (e.g. FATF recommendations 40+9, POCA, PRECCA, FICA, POCDATARA) with the aim of establishing the culture of compliance within the Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To conduct on-going/ regular practical FICA/ AML and Sanctions and Online FICA training on all impacted Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To stay abreast of amended and/or new AMLC regulatory requirements, and pro-actively identify and communicate the impact of the anticipated AMLC regulatory change on the IDC and its Strategic Business Units/Departments.
To regularly attend industry forums, seminars and working groups.

Job Requirements
Planning and Organizing
Project Management Skills
Strong Analytical Skills
Presentation skills
Stakeholder Engagement Skills
Negotiating and Influencing

Attention to detail
Highly Ethical and integrity
Good Communication skills
LLB/ B.Com or equivalent qualifications.
Accredited or certified member of the Compliance Institute of South Africa (CISA)
A certificate in compliance management will be an added advantage
A certificate in Anti-Money Laundering Control
CAMS Certification will be an added advantage
At-least 3 years’ experience in anti-money laundering or/and compliance management environment.
Sound experience in report writing and presentation skills.
Knowledge of client on-boarding risk management systems/ BarnOwl will be an added advantage.
Special Requirement: As our entity (IDC) provides financing and funding, the need to ensure Trust, Honesty and Integrity in all financial and non-financial activities must be above reproach

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