Artisan Full Bursaries

Artisan Full Bursaries

What is an Artisan? Artisans are masters of their craft and create products such as clothes, toys, tools or furnishings. You can train to become an artisan that comes with a three year bursary and an internship at the end in one of 6 different trades.


Your future as an Artisan

There is a severe shortage of tradespeople in South Africa, and this is a huge opportunity for you to get a free qualification AND work experience.

If you win, you will attend the Artisan Training Institute (ATI) for formal training, and be placed by ATI with a company for workplace training. Finally, you will complete the Trade Test to become a fully qualified artisan in just 3 years.

The bursary will cover tuition fees and lunch at ATI for the periods that the learner is at the ATI campus.


  • 3 year full bursary
  • Includes internship
  • Applications close 8 October
  • Choose any of 6 trades


Step 1: Apply

Once you click the Apply Now button you will be tasked to complete a basic form which asks questions to see whether your suited to become an Artisan or not. It shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes to complete. Good luck. 

Step 2: Assessment

Once you have completed your application, your screening form will be reviewed by The Knowledge Trust team. If you meet the basic requirements for this opportunity, you will be invited to complete a 2-hour online assessment via the Artisan Training Institute. 

This assessment is rigidly marked and will determine who makes it to the final round!


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