Builders warehouse

Assistants Drivers
Vee Recruitment
City of Johannesburg, Gauteng

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R6 500 a month

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Driver Helper Job Description
A driver helper works with drivers to deliver products or equipment to customers and clients. Driver helpers are responsible for all tasks with the exception of driving, such as loading and unloading the truck, interacting with customers, and filling out paperwork to record deliveries. Most driver helpers work full time, and many work overtime as well. This is a fastpaced, outdoor position that requires the ability to continually lift items and carry packages that can weigh as much as 70 pounds. Early starts and late finishes are common with this job, and people in this role often work weekends and holidays to cover busy periods. Applicants for this role should have excellent physical fitness, great customer service skills, and the ability to multitask and adhere to tight deadlines.

Driver Helper Duties and Responsibilities
The type of organization a driver helper works for will determine the exact tasks they take on. Based on job listings we analyzed, a driver helpers duties typically involve

Assisting Drivers with Deliveries

A driver helpers main responsibilities include assisting the driver with loading and unloading the truck, delivering equipment or products to customers and clients, helping drivers navigate to each destination on schedule, and recording delivery logs.

Reporting Problems

If there are any issues with a delivery or problems with a deadline, its a driver helpers responsibility to report it to a supervisor or senior staff member and help resolve the problem if possible. They work with the driver to fill logs and reports of each delivery for an accurate record of what has been completed.

Interacting with Customers

Driver helpers communicate with customers and clients to ensure theyre happy with the service they received. They also ask for feedback to resolve a customers complaints or issues if necessary. This part of the role also includes collecting payments.

Assisting with Navigation and Routes

As part of this job, driver helpers work with the main office or warehouse logistics staff to update the driver of any route changes, assist with navigating to locations, and keep track of schedules. This involves managing the GPS to input new ZIP codes and updating records or changes to the delivery route.

Unload Trucks

Driver helpers assist in unloading the truck at the end of each shift and help keep it clean and tidy at all times in preparation for other colleagues use. This includes handling the binraising device on the rear of the truck to load and unload equipment or packages
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