Debts free for South African

Falling behind on your monthly payments? This may be your best solution!
Say goodbye to debt, say good bye to your problems
If you are falling behind on your debt repayments, you may qualify for debt relief, a special process governed by the National Credit Act that aims to rescue consumers and eliminate personal debt.
1.Highly trained debt counselor will contact you and explain exactly how it works.
2.A new debt repayment plan is set in place consisting of one affordable monthly repayment.
3.Your belongings will be safe, under the protection of debt Relief, no credit providers will be able to harass you or go after your assets.
4.Experience financial relief within days
How does it work?
Your debt counselor will negotiate directly with your credit providers for reduced debt repayments and lower interest rates. Join millions of South Africans who have decided to take back their financial future and become debt free.If you earn more than R10 000 per month and you are falling behind on your monthly payments, you may qualify for debt relief.
South African consumers are drowning in debt as a result of the rising cost of living. Over 10 million South Africans are credit impaired and have missed more than 3 payments in a row. More and more people are turning to Debt Relief in order to eliminate unpaid debt and to attain financial freedom.
Let National Debt Advisors (NDA), one of South Africa’s most well-known registered debt counselling firms, guide you through the process of becoming debt free. NDA is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). NDA will help protect your valuable assets and organise a more affordable payment plan for you

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