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General Sales Manager

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Consumer Products – FMCG



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Key performance areas: Plan and Resource to achieve growth targets in sales area Analyze commercial business, route optimization and customer service to drive sales and achieve targets at set margin levels. Identify new growth opportunities and areas for improvement. In depth SAP analysis to identify growing areas, potential groups high priority areas. Develop specific program for high Customer Margin Business Groups and tactically adapt to increase volume and customers margin. Design and executive effective commercial sales programs and action plans to fully implement the potential reports available. Master data integrity continually maintained to ensure accurate planning and monitoring of KPI’s. (SAP) Research includes area demographics, consumer landscape including LSM’s/income levels, occasions, competitor landscape, Customer profitability, potential for new business, etc. Relevant business information sourced and reviewed to align planning to Route to Market Strategy. (Fulfilment) Business information includes: RTM Strategy, National, Regional Business plans, Sales resourcing models, Customer and sales information, SAP reports, Job descriptions. Business information analyzed to identify focus areas, sales opportunities and resource requirements. Engage with merchants on product range, stock levels, OOS etc. Relevant stakeholders consulted to ensure alignment to Calling schedules, Route to Market Strategy and to optimize stock levels and focus on key stock articles per channel. Relevant stakeholders consulted to ensure alignment on price books/rebates and any other pricing activities. Develop specific program for high Customer Margin Business Groups and tactically adapt to increase volume and customer margin. Develop best basket solution to high Customer Margin Business Groups to satisfy customer needs Analyze and interpreted sales and market information to ensure volume/profit growth Actively analyze market trends and sales environment to source for sales / profit opportunities Develop recruitment strategy for relevant market / geographical area Identify key focus areas that will drive profitability Manage and track KPI’s relevant to above Effectively use SAPCRM to analyze internal performance Execute General Sales Plan Sales region analyzed per channel/sub channel to identify sources of volume/profit and to allocate time and resources effectively, with focus on specific sales areas. Implementation and execution of plan as per timelines and at the agreed level of profit margins. Analysis of high volume Customers with specific Customers conducted to establish growth potential in focus areas Analysis includes business profits, volume and profits in Food, Liquor and Gen Merch plus basket size, top 20 – 40 articles, ordering patterns, competitor sales / pricing and activity etc. Plan communicated to all partners on store level and ensure that commercial targets included in each department KPI’s for the year. Develop new market opportunities and better service levels to current markets by understand the customer needs/demands, competitor behavior and key deliverables for customer satisfaction. Develop specific program for high Customer Margin Business Groups and tactically adapt to increase volume and customer margin. Develop and drive best basket solution to high Customer Margin Business Groups to satisfy customer needs. Design effective General Sales programs and action plans to fully implement the potential reports available. Relationships and interactions with internal and external stakeholders developed and maintained to enhance Customer service. Customer service orientation developed and maintained in the general sales team and supporting functions. Manage customer relationships across all structures. Skilled in communication, collaboration and coaching to ensure shared mind-set around the service levels to customers Build capability through coaching and collaboration Coach and collaborate with other departments and functions (stakeholders) Weekly trade visit to monitor planned call, General Sales discussions, and any other customer related issues Identify skills gaps per individual and for team and address with tactical plans to close gaps. Coaching styles and how style is adjusted to suit individual personality differences to assist the learning process. Identify which Capability priority areas for business and ensure that sales team obtain these skills. Review and improve performance Evaluate performance against key performance indicators General Sales manager key performance indicator reports are analyzed and interpreted. General Sales manager performance to target is monitored and contingency plan for shortfalls is in place. Quarterly results prepared monthly and explained to stakeholders. (sales, customer recruitment, customer margin %, OTIF, OOS, route optimization, delivery recoveries, CSI projects, retail feet etc.) Understanding of Makro KPI’s and alignment where appropriate. Contact regular performance discussions with direct report Fulfilment Operations, Optimization & Customer Service Manage Fulfilment operations, productivity and all resources to effectively fulfil customer demand. Continue to improve and monitor productivity of team through systematic reporting (Picking, Packing, Loading & Delivery efficiencies) Manage and continues strive to improve on customer-centric “on-time, in full” performance, Manage cost-centric efficiency and digital fulfilment Manage cost of picking, packaging and delivery within the store Ensure alignment with National Sales teams and store CRO’s / Business Development Managers by participating in weekly CRO meetings to highlight any issues and address any customer behaviour issues driving inefficiency in fulfilment Drive inventory teams to minimize OOS and hold relevant departments accountable for dispo maintenance, adequate stock levels of key commercial articles. Resolve all customer complaints and ensure all customer complaints are resolved within agreed standards Manage the Marketing Portfolio Manage the components of the Marketing portfolio including: Marketing and CSI budget Brand management including communication standards, store marketing initiatives and events Implementation of national marketing standards Manage the marketing design retail recruitment strategy to ensure targets are met as agreed with focus on retail customer base growth targets Mange the ROI of campaigns and initiatives and lead marketing team Manage, design retention and recruitment strategy through digital marketing campaigns in conjunction with head office Manage call center and customer service departments to ensure they provide excellent customer service Management of customer complaint process and ensure customer complaints are responded to within sunset rule Monitor and analyze monthly customer research and formulate an action plan with relevant departments and management team. Team Leadership Ensure that all staff members in area of responsibility are duly trained and enabled to perform according the required standards for customer service Enhance staff retention and identify trends to reduce staff turnover within team Monitor staff satisfaction to reduce risk and meet the business objectives of the organisation Ensure that team members are customer focused and provide guidance, support or advice in situations where required Communication of team goals to employees. Ensure understanding of these goals with each sales team member Conduct regular pit-stops, performance discussions and people (individual) development plans with direct reports. Develop a Talent pool within the team /department Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the performance management agreements with team members to ensure it is still meets the business needs /Conduct monthly sessions Conduct on-the-job coaching; identify and fill performance gaps Monthly coaching and training must be ongoing

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Minimum Academic Requirements, Professional Qualifications, and Experience 3 year Marketing/Sales or B.Com Diploma/Degree Minimum of 3 – 5 years in sales management position

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