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The above position has become available in our Research Department. The purpose of this role will be to assisting with the general field duties, equipment and material, reporting into the Research Station Manager.

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General activities associated with plant husbandry – GSPP tunnels
Sanitation – sterilize seed trays, strainers, labels, clumps, drippers and multi-span floors following proper protocols; and remove and destroy all plant residues after the crop is finished in a tunnel
Sowing – prepare seed trays and sow seeds of experimental materials carefully in order to avoid any mechanical mixture
Transplanting – prepare and arrange planting seedlings in the multi-span
Pruning and trellising – prune and trellis plants in multi-span
Emasculating and Pollinating – Emasculate flowers and do hand pollinations as per set protocols
Harvesting – harvest, extract, ferment, clean, dry and package of seeds
Adhere to all the rules and procedures set for the GSPP facility
Perform any other general farm and tunnel duties as required

Valid driver’s license
Practical experience in both open field and protected growing environments

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