How to Apply Online at University of Mpumalanga [UMP]


Application to the University of Mpumalanga, UMP is is basically online or by post depending on your preference following the following steps stated below.

University of Mpumalanga

University of Mpumalanga, UMP Undergraduate/Postgraduate Application Procedures

University of Mpumalanga, UMP Online Application Procedure
  • Simply complete the University of Mpumalanga Online Application Form stated below and upload all of the necessary documentation so that it can be processed by our administrative department.
  • Your application will be completed once all of the necessary fees have been paid.
  • Kindly follow the following steps below for a successful online application:
    • Step 1: Click On The Student Portal Link On The Ump Website Home Page
    • Step 2: Click On New Application
    • Step 3: Capture Your Biographical Information And Save To Generate Your Reference /Student Number And Pin Code To Be Used To Proceed With Your Application
    • Step 4: Put Your Student Number / Reference Number
    • Step 5: Click On Applications To Proceed With Your Application
    • Step 6: Click On View Application Rules And Click On “I Accept” After Reading
    • Step 7: Click On “Next Step” To Proceed To The Next Step
    • Step 8: Load Your Scanned Documents, I.E. Certified Id, Results And Proof Of Payment (R150). Banking Details Are On Application Rules Under Step No 1
    • Step 9: Click On Upload Document
    • Step 10: Select Your Scanned Document From The Source File And Click On Save. Close The Window And Click On Next Step
    • Step 11: Click On The Grey Radio Button On The Right Of Each Block To Select The Subject.
    • Step 12: Click On “Next Step” To Proceed To The Next Step
    • Step 13: Select The School From Grey Radio Button
    • Step 14: Complete This Form If You Were Enrolled In Another Institution, Save And Click Next Step
    • Step 15: Type In The Programme You Wish To Enrol For And Click The Search Button
    • Step 17: Select Period Of Study, E.G First Year. Type Academic Preference (I.E. 1 = First Choice; 2 = Second Choice Etc), Click On Save And Continue. Next Step
    • Step 18: Check If Your Biographical Information Was Captured Correctly And Ensure All Your Documents Are Loaded On Certificate Seen, Click On Save And Proceed To The Next Step
    • Step 19: Click On Communication Type If You Want To Make Changes On Your Communication Details
    • Step 20: View The Programmes You Have Applied For
    • Step 21: View Your Application Status
    • Step 22: View If You Have Gone Through All The Processes

End of online application, outcome for application takes up to 4 to six weeks after closing date 

University of Mpumalanga, UMP Offline Application Procedure
  • An Application Form can be downloaded on our website HERE
  • Application forms can also be collected in person from any of the University campus.
  • The required documents must accompany the Application Form.
  • Completed application forms should be submitted by email to OR post/courier to: 
    • The Registrar UMP Mbombela Campus C/r R40 and D725 Roads Mbombela 1200 OR
    • Private Bag X11283 Mbombela 1200 OR
    • Deliver by hand to: Any campus or delivery site on the university Front desk: 013 002 0800 Enquiries: 013 002 0810
Further Reading: Track your application by visiting the Application Status Page

Interested applicants applying for a new qualification must submit the necessary documents. The due date for uploading the required documents is the closing date for applications. Documents submitted after the closing date for applications will be accepted. University of Mpumalanga, UMP is not liable to provide scanners or electronic devices. Always ensure that your documents are scanned and uploaded to an electronic device before starting the application process.


  • An administration fee, as indicated on the application form, must accompany each application. This money is non-refundable.
Registration Fee: 
  • A registration fee of R3500.00 is payable on registration. Students who take their place at the UMP will have this fee deducted from their tuition fees.
Student Accommodation
  • A limited number of spaces is available to accommodate students at all campuses. Please enquire at the relevant campus for more information.
  • A deposit of R2000.00 is payable on registration to secure a place in the residences. Students who take their place in residence will have this deposit deducted from their fees.
Importantly make sure that your application is complete

If your application for admission to study through the University of Mpumalanga, UMP is incomplete, you will have to re-apply during the next application period.


To apply to UMP, you need to submit the following documentation:

  • A completed application form
  • A copy of your results for the latest school year
  • A copy of your ID
  • If you have attended another higher education institution, we need a copy of your academic transcript

Proceed through the easy steps and submit your electronic application. Upload copies of the following in PDF or JPEG format when you apply for undergraduate studies.

University of Mpumalanga, UMP Application for International Students

Before being permitted to register at UMP, international students are required to show proof of:

  • A valid study visa
  • South African medical aid cover
  • English proficiency

It is strongly advised that foreign students approach the South African Embassy in their home countries for more information or requirements before they come to the Republic of South Africa to study. Alternatively, applicants may visit the Department of Home Affairs at

University of Mpumalanga, UMP Online Application Portal.

To apply online, go to UMP Homepage or

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