Post Office Briefly Suspends R350 Sassa Grant Payment

Post Office Briefly Suspends R350 Sassa Grant Payment

SASSA beneficiaries who receive their payments of the R350 grant through the Post Office will now have to wait until the second week to get their funds.

The Post Office announced:

The Covid Relief R350 payments are suspended that week, and are available throughout the rest of the month.

This suspension of funds being released during the first week is being done so that they can see to other grants and pay those first. The Post Office received many complaints concerning grant payouts. 

SASSA R350 grant payments will only be done after 7 October.

They said, “The COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress payment – or SASSA’s R350 grant – will be suspended for the first week of next month. However, they will be available for the rest of the month, after Wednesday 7 October.”

As for other grants, the schedule will run as follows:

  • Elderly people 5 October
  • People with disabilities 6 October
  • Child grants 7 October

The Office of the Public Protector has spoken on complaints received about SASSA and said, “We have received about 1 602 COVID- 19 related complaints, the bulk which is service delivery. A lion’s share of service delivery matters in respect of COVID-19 have to do with the R350-a-month special social relief of distress grant.”

 The South African Post Office has assured recipients of SASSA social grants that their payments will not be affected by the current financial situation at the Post Office and will continue as normal. 

The Post Office said the following in a statement released:

The funds for social grants come from National Treasury through the Department of Social Development and are not funded from the revenue of the South African Post Office. The SA Post Office experienced a dramatic reduction in revenue during the lockdown period and is currently looking at ways to improve cash flows

The Post Office is now searching for ways to better the cash flow as the Treasury has said that to avoid a collapse, they will need to restructure and repurpose. Hopefully, this is a way forward as far as SASSA payments go in general but also to mainly get the Covid-19 SRD grant back on track.

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