Stranding Associate

The Stranding Associate monitors the line during the manufacturing operation performs routine and scheduled cleaning and TPM organizes work area and materials scraps excess buffer tube and tension member performs basic troubleshooting
The Stranding Associate is responsible for the setup and operation of the stranding equipment for the manufacture of fiber optic cable cores loose tube and ribbon of various sizes and fiber counts which meet or exceed the customers and company specifications Documents production process data and enters into database performs and documents quality and process checks before startup during the run and at the completion of the cable Performs additional duties and task as assigned by Supervision and Manager
Key Performance Areas
Machine Operation Monitors the Stranding Line continuously to keep the line operating efficiently and effectively monitors the line speed binders tube payoffs tension member and takeup layer wind according to the setpoints and operating conditions specified in the process set ups and line procedures Makes binder changes during the run scraps excess tube and tension member from previous run organizes materials tubes tension member and empty takeup reel needed for the next run prints tag and collects process paperwork to be attached to completed cable
Machine Setup Clean the line and perform minor production maintenance this includes cleaning eyelets guides rollers and binder head Reviews production order specifications by selecting order information from the database or printed setup sheets select setup obtain materials and tooling binder filler rod tension member buffer tubes oscillator tooling and empty takeup reel Review setup information to verify materials tooling loading information and set points Check the dimensions of the buffer tubes filler rod and tension member and verifies tube colors Following the setup information the tooling is changed if applicable binder is loaded onto binder payoffs tension member is loaded onto the payoff splice and pulled through machine buffer tubes are loaded spliced and pulled through guides oscillator and attached to tension member color order binder is attached setpoints are verified line is started a short length of cable is produced the machine is stopped and the cable lay length binder tension tube color order is verified If all set points and operating specifications are correct the line is started and set to designated manufacturing speed
Miscellaneous Cleans and organizes materials and work area weighs tension member orders materials stacks and organizes empty filler rod and buffer tube bobbins runs the tube rewinder or fiber scrap machine during slow manufacturing or maintenance downtime
Ability to use all foundation skills Reading Writing Verbal Listening Mathematics Reasoning and Computers when needed to solve standardized problems Some decisions are required to adjust the manufacturing equipment to meet company standards and customer specifications
The associate must have some specialized skills such as basic record keeping basic computer operation and production monitoring Operation of specialized equipment is also required that involves special training
Must have a good knowledge of related jobs in the department
This is mostly repetitive work a few routine tasks must be performed over and over again to set procedures sequence and pace On occasion there is variation in the work when different cable construction trial runs and different machines involved
The work can be stressful because of the high quality requirements and the need to run machines continuous at high speed The associates must adhere to and achieve exact levels of performance precise set limits tolerances and standards
There is a requirement for good interpersonal skills because there is significant interaction with other associates team leaders and engineers
Machines tools equipment and other work aids which may be representative but not all inclusive of those associated with this job
Hand Tools
Pin Gauge
Tension Gauge
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Stranding Line Equipment
Computer & Scanner
Tape Measure
Stranding Raw Materials
Bobbins & Reels
Plug Gauges
Copper Welder Equipment
Continuity Tester
Cable Cutters
Pallet Jack
1 year Experience in a similar position
Matric Certificate or Equivalent
Supervised onthejob training of 5 to 6 weeks under the direction of a trainer and Lead Person/Supervisor Mastery of the complete Stranding operation including troubleshooting generally occurs within 6 months
Certification in all aspects of the job
Salary Market related based on qualifications and experience
Please forward updated resume in MS Word with your application Note if no correspondence is received within 6 weeks of your application please consider your application as unsuccessful
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