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Reports to Data Centre Business Operations Manager – Network Team Lead is a professional who takes care of communication networks, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. They play a crucial role in creating, keeping and changing an IP network”s hardware, software and virtualized components. Includes Network, Firewall security management issues.
They will be responsible to design and implement security counter measures, when network vulnerabilities arise. The Network Team Lead will be responsible in the installation of routers, switches and any other hardware and software upgrading that are essential for the Transnet/Gijima networks to function properly. They will design, plan and execute the layout of cables and other required components for network systems and can become a technician who maintains and troubleshoots the Transnet Network. It will be their responsibility to develop and deliver the professional proposals and design documentation.





Lead the design process and manage existing networks for Transnet \Gijima.
Work with the relevant Tower Leads to get the necessary network requirements.
The Network Team Lead will work in collaboration with 3rd Party OEM network engineers, network administrators and other professionals in network setup and configuration.
They must assess the existing network technologies to increase the performance, security & efficiency.
The Network Team Lead also examines and evaluates the network performance and will make changes wherever required.
Network Design
Be able to design and build a WAN or LAN network by taking into consideration several factors like, bandwidth requirements, infrastructure requirements and security.
Plan and design in advance and should often take part in the implementation of network designs.
Detailed understanding of <-Please upload your CV here- requirements and provide best solutions.
The Network Team Lead must take care of the designing servers, configuring components and resolving any issues prior to implementation.
Network Modeling
Plan and designs future needs to enable network modelling. The professional should use the information on existing network traffic and estimate the growth of the network. Plays a crucial role in upgrading the network equipment from time to time. The Network Team lead will also focus on the effects the new equipment must have on the network performance. Provides recommendations to make accurate upgrading to the network.
Network Security
Planning, engineering, and monitoring the security arrangements for the protection of the network systems.
Identifying, monitoring, and defining the requirements of the overall security of the system.
Creating diverse ways to solve the existing threats and security issues.
Configuring and implementing intrusion detection systems and firewalls.
Testing and checking the system for weaknesses in software and hardware.
Maintaining firewalls, virtual private networks, web protocols, and email security.
Creating virus and threat detection systems.
Configuring and installing security infrastructure devices.
Investigating intrusion and hacking incidents, collecting incident responses, and carrying out forensic investigations.
Determining latest technologies and processes that improve the overall security of the system.
Using industry-standard analysis criteria to test the security level of the firm.
Developing tracking documents to note system vulnerabilities.
Reporting the security analysis and monitoring findings.
Supervising the configuration and installation of new software and hardware.
Implementing regulatory systems in accordance with IT security.
Informing the company about the security incidents as soon as possible.
Modifying the technical, legal, and regulatory aspects of the system security.
Defining and maintaining security policies.
Occasionally replacing the security system protocol and architecture.
Maintaining switches and servers
Networking Equipment Monitoring, Upgrade and Maintenance
The Network Team Lead will create and maintain a proper record of the networks they design hi and Low-Level design documentation.
The network documentation includes network drawings, text descriptions and equipment configurations.



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